Why Town Tees?

Why choose Town Tees?


Town Tees is an innovative youth-run social enterprise specializing in custom apparel decoration, printed paper products, and graphic design. Our diverse decoration processes include full-color digital transfer, vinyl transfer, embroidery, and sublimation. Additionally, we offer a wide range of printed products, such as banners, flyers, business cards, and more.

Beyond providing affordable, top-quality products, Town Tees is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the community. A portion of every sale goes towards supporting youth and the arts, ensuring that creativity thrives in our society. Our core focus is on empowering youth, and we prioritize hiring young individuals, offering them valuable first-job experiences, skill development, and fostering a strong sense of individual identity and community connection.

As a social enterprise, we have a dual mission: while our primary purpose is to deliver exceptional decorated products, our overarching priority is to create lasting change in the lives of young people. One of our most significant strengths lies in our special relationship with an outstanding creative arts charity—Streams Community Hub. Co-founded by Andrew James, the owner of Town Tees, and his wife Juli-Anne, Streams Community Hub is deeply rooted in its commitment to ignite learning, inspire youth, and enrich communities through the arts. Streams focuses particularly on providing essential arts education and experiences to youth in rural and underserved areas, making a lasting difference in their lives. Our partnership with Streams aligns seamlessly with our goal to empower and uplift youth through creative expression and community engagement.

"Empowering youth, impacting communities, one shirt at a time."


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